The EDL: a “Church and King Mob”

The following post comes from the Whitechapel Anarchist Group. We re-post it here because it dissects perfectly what lies behind the EDL’s claims to be “working class,” and their recent shift of attention towards anti-cuts protesters. Tommy “Fuckin” Robinson aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon whipped up his barmy army in Peterborough this weekend into a hysterical frenzy … Continue reading

Leading by example: antifascist actions in Warsaw

On the 11th November, members of Antifa Poland gathered in Warsaw to oppose a neo-Nazi march. Their account of the day, originally posted on Indymedia and reposted verbatim below, offers a glimpse of what a broad-based, militant antifascist campaign can achieve. On 11th November, due to the demonstration of Polish neonazi organizations (including ONR -Oboz … Continue reading