Failed National Front Liverpool mayoral candidate Peter Tierney will not be prosecuted over an alleged public order offence, the BBC have reported

FAILED National Front Liverpool mayoral candidate Peter Tierney will not be prosecuted over an alleged public order offence, the BBC have reported. The 55-year-old, of High Street, Hale village, was one of four people arrested outside a sex grooming trial on May 1. They were accused of refusing to remain within a legally-designated protest zone … Continue reading

Peter Tierney nicked AGAIN after Infidels demonstration at Liverpool Crown Court

Today’s Liverpool Echo leads with the news that National Front mayoral candidate Peter Tierney has been arrested and charged with a public order offence. This follows a demonstration by around thirty National Front / North West Infidels members outside Liverpool Crown Court. The demonstration was related to the trial of those accused of being part of a … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP collapses after National Front defection

It was interesting to see, as the candidates in the Liverpool Mayoral Elections were announced, that there would be three fascist candidates standing. Liverpool organiser Mike Whitby is the British National Party candidate and ex-BNP man Paul Rimmer is standing for the English Democrats. But the surprise candidate is Peter Tierney…for the National Front. Tierney has, … Continue reading

A brief anti-fascist interlude on November 30

On November 30, three million workers across the public sector took strike action. It was the biggest day of action in a generation, and in Liverpool it was marked by workers marching through the city to rally at St George’s Hall. However, upset at being reduced to irrelevance by events, the far-right decided to put … Continue reading

We expose vile racist biker as British leader of the Ku Klux Klan

  The European meeting: Hopgood poses with other hooded members for German race-hate website HE tried to hide his identity behind the hideous hood of the Ku Klux Klan – but his tell-tale tattoos are visible for all to see. This is Chris Hopgood, vile racist leader of a British wing of the white supremacists. … Continue reading

BNP day of action drowned out by local opposition

Thursday saw the BNP’s national day of action in Liverpool. This was to be when they would challenge “corruption and prejudice” against them by the BBC and Question Time, activists pouring in from across the country to make their voice heard. Unfortunately for them, it was not to be. Initially, Liverpool Antifascists members arriving at … Continue reading

BNP activist Andrew Tierney found guilty of assaulting anti-fascist

Just over a year after Liverpool BNP’s number one Viking look-a-like Peter Tierney assaulted an anti-fascist with a camera tripod, was convicted for ABH and forced to don a fetching orange jacket for 150hrs community service – his unhinged brother Andrew has been electronically tagged for three months following a similar attack on anti-fascists in … Continue reading

Some More On the BNP and Paedophilia

Well, that Labour 25 site is a rare eye opener! Whether it is indeed another BNP front, as Phil Dickens opines, is open to question, and we may note that Nick Griffin was quick to deny same. However, given Griffin’s record of denying everything from climate change to the holocaust to the Ku Klux Klan, we can … Continue reading

Local elections confirm the BNP’s downward spiral

The British National Party failed to win a single seat on either Liverpool or Knowsley Councils, in both cases securing less that 1% of the vote. This tops a spectacularly bad year for the party, following from the implosion, splits and recriminations wrought by failure at last year’s general elections. In the wards where the … Continue reading

Andrew Tierney: the BNP’s Ku Klux Klan candidate?

It has emerged that a video on YouTube, of a man giving Nazi salutes and dancing to a famous racist marching song whilst wearing the white hood of the Ku Klux Klan, may be a candidate for the British National Party in May’s local elections. Standing in St Gabriel’s Ward in Knowsley as Andrew Brennus, … Continue reading