Hackers take down BNP leader’s website

Members allegedly from the internet activist group Anonymous have taken down websites of far-right organisations after twice targeting the British People’s Party and the Ku Klux Kan’s websites in the last week. In a message posted online they said: “The government has failed to take action against people, organisations and websites promoting racial hatred”. One … Continue reading

‘Anonymous’ Hacks 17 Hungarian Nazi Websites

Operation Blitzkrieg has been going for some time now, its an operation that is attempting to expose and attack all the nazi based sites across the internet. today they have releaed a file with 17 sites in it that have been hacked and left defaced. http://hunterss.uw.hu http://worstnightmare.uw.hu http://asgaird.uw.hu http://hunorzenekar.uw.hu http://bloodandhonour.uw.hu http://hitlerjugend.uw.hu http://adolfhitler.uw.hu http://hitlerrol.uw.hu http://hitler.uw.hu http://ronaldmchitler.uw.hu http://n88.uw.hu http://d88.uw.hu … Continue reading

‘Anonymous’ Shut Down Neo-Nazi Web Forum

The Internet hacking collective known as Anonymous continued its assault on neo-Nazi and hate group websites Friday by going after Aryan-Front.com, a white supremacist online forum. Before the website went offline, visitors were greeted with messages such as “Hacked by Anonymous,” “You should have expected us” and “Fuck off, Nazi scum.” Anonymous said it plans to publicly release … Continue reading

Anonymous hits KKK website: Operation Blitzkrieg continues

  Anonymous takes down Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist websites: Operation Blitzkrieg continues. Over Memorial Day weekend Anonymous hacktivists launched a new offensive targeting white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites as part of the ongoing Operation Blitzkrieg: #OpBlitzkrieg. Websites temporarily taken down and disabled include websites belonging to the the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) … Continue reading