Pitiful Infidels Humbled in Liverpool

I’ve seen few more pitiful sights than the North West Infidels and their ragtag band of allies outside Liverpool town hall last night. A mere twenty of the oxygen thieves made it to the “national demonstration”, and as they huddled around their ridiculous banner, jabbering incoherently about “paedos” and “terrorist supporters”, they demonstrated nothing except … Continue reading

Infidels suffer humiliating failure at Liverpool Town Hall

Saturday 3rd November saw the North West Infidels’ demonstrate outside Liverpool Town Hall. Their aim was to put pressure on Mayor Joe Anderson and stop him allowing “the IRA” from marching in the city. To say it didn’t quite go to plan would be an understatement. The NWI had put out a huge national callout … Continue reading


The BNP today held their much-vaunted Emergency General Meeting in the Rockware Hotel, Standish Street, St. Helens. As Nick Griffin tried to sell the party token reforms to gloss over its thoroughly undemocratic and dictatorial nature, it seems that anti-fascists were in the area and decided to share their food with the BNP Lie Lorry … Continue reading

The epic adventures of the BNP lie lorry

On Wednesday, the BNP’s Lie Lorry visited Fazakerley during the By-Election campaign before being “taken on a tour of the Liverpool City and surrounding areas.” Several local residents report, bemused, that the event was a rather ridiculous charade. Anti-fascists in Lancaster, also treated to the spectacle of the Lie Lorry recently, can confirm this. From Lancaster Unity, … Continue reading