EDL Bonehead Admits to Attacking Anti-Jubilee Protester with a Firework

A THUG has admitted throwing a firecracker during fierce clashes after English Defence League supporters stormed an anti-Jubilee rally. Anthony Crawford hurled a firecracker into a group of demonstrators at Greys Monument in Newcastle on June 4, 2012. The 22-year-old, of Elmway, Chester-le-Street, Durham, pleaded guilty to the offences at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Thursday, June 28. … Continue reading

Fascist Boneheads Arrested For Attacks on Anti Jubilee Protesters

Police have arrested two men following a protest in Newcastle in which EDL supporters clashed with people holding an Anti-Jubilee party. The arrests follow an incident during the protest at Grey’s Monument when firecrackers went off among a crowd of people. One man suffered a slight injury and received hospital treatment before being discharged. Anthony … Continue reading

Anti-Jubilee Protester Set Alight By Zieg Heiling Boneheads in Newcastle

A teenager was taken to hospital when his hair was set alight by English Defence League supporters who attacked an anti-Jubilee party in Newcastle. The 18-year-old, who does not wish to be identified, was hit by a burning firework thrown during the clash at Grey’s Monument between more than 100 English Defence League and National Front … Continue reading

The Infidels Uncover An IRA Plot to Hijack The Jubilee

Imagine being so stupid that you believe that any protests or street parties organised against the Jubilee by the ‘Republic’ group, are  a front for the IRA.

Fascist Boneheads Attacking Anti-Jubilee Party in Newcastle

More than 100 English Defence League and National Front members clashed today with anti Jubliee protestors in Newcastle city centre. Firecrackers were thrown into the crowd and several scuffles broke out. Lines of Northumbria police officers separated the two groups and several arrests were made. A Sky Tyne and Wear reporter on the scene said: … Continue reading