AFA Ireland – 21st birthday weekend


Anti Fascist Action (Documentary)

A BBC documentary from 1993 charting the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK. A 1993 documentary made by Anti-Fascist Action for the BBC2 Open Space documentary series. Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts gives a rundown of the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK from the 1936 Battle of Cable Street against the Blackshirts, … Continue reading

Fascist Boneheads Attack a Demonstration in Glasgow

**Information Courtesy of the Sisterhood Against The Fascist Clan** Fascists showed up as organisers were setting up for a rally this morning, and threatened a couple of pensioners sorting placards. Made several attempts to attack the demonstration attended by charities, mps,celebrities and many supporters which resulted in police having to cordon off several areas of … Continue reading

Film Clips Of The Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Hamburg 2/6/2012

Brighton Anti-Fascist Actions Prove A Valuable Lesson

This afternoon’s actions by Brightoners against the English Defence League proved a valuable lesson in the value of protest. Caught sunning themselves on St James’ Street and the Palace Pier, the EDL were swiftly surrounded by hundreds of irate Brightoners. Police were forced to intervene but despite overwhelming numbers and reinforcements from Hampshire, were unable … Continue reading

700 Arrested as Anti-Fascists Clash with Boneheads in Hamburg

Violent clashes have broken out in Germany between the supporters and opponents of the neo-Nazi movement. Hamburg police have detained over 700 people after the demonstrators started throwing projectiles, injuring several officers. A group of anti-Nazi demonstrators have clashed with far-right activists marching in the city’s Wandsbek district. The leftists erected barricades of trash bins … Continue reading

Fascists Humiliated in Brighton – Again!

Casuals United, the football hooligan wing of the EDL, made complete tits of themselves in Brighton today (2nd). In response to their humiliation at March for England the fash thought it would be a good idea to come back in even smaller numbers to have a go at the “rabid hordes of commie UAF gays” that passes … Continue reading

Bristol Calling 14/07/12

On the 14th July the EDL are proving their stupidity by attempting to march through Bristol. Bristol Anti-Fascists are hard at work organising a community response – here are some leaflets and stickers to view, print off, and distribute… have fun!! (drop us a mail if you can’t use the ones here and we can arrange to … Continue reading

Not a good year for neo-Nazi ‘Blood and Honour’ Canada

2012 is turning into very bad year for the neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour in Canada. On March 24, two ‘white pride’ rallies organized by B & H chapters in Edmonton, Alberta, and London, Ont., fizzled after overwhelming numbers of anti-fascists drove them from the streets and effectively shut them down. In Edmonton, about 200 … Continue reading

Militant anti-fascism and the Occupy movement

A brief overview of the ideas behind militant anti-fascism, and why physically confronting the far-right is necessary. Aimed at people who’ve been taken in by the idea of pacifism as an absolute, but specifically the Occupy movement and those camping at Occupy Liverpool. On the very first night that Occupy Liverpool set up camp, at … Continue reading