All nine anti-fascists acquitted in second Welling trial!

From Leeds Anarchist Black Cross (But there are six already in jail who need support.) When confronted by a swaggering neo-Nazi at Welling train station in March 2009, Sean Cregan did what any good antifascist would, he put the Nazi on his arse! While twice Sean’s size, one punch was enough for the scumbag fascist, … Continue reading

EDL flash demo fails to ignite Liverpool

Word reaches Liverpool Antifascists that the English Defence League made an appearance in Liverpool today. Witnesses on the ground described the event as not up to much. Nonetheless, it presents a worrying precedent and a reminder to antifascists to remain vigilant. In the early afternoon, thousands of trade unionists, socialists, and working class activists marched … Continue reading

BNP member Peter Tierney denies assault on protester

A WELL-KNOWN BNP party member denied assaulting an anti-fascist demonstrator on St George’s Day. Peter Tierney, 52, is charged with attacking the protestor in St John’s Lane, near St George’s Hall. Tierney, wearing a black suit, wore his long dark hair in a ponytail and his six-inch beard in a plait as he appeared at … Continue reading

Leading by example: antifascist actions in Warsaw

On the 11th November, members of Antifa Poland gathered in Warsaw to oppose a neo-Nazi march. Their account of the day, originally posted on Indymedia and reposted verbatim below, offers a glimpse of what a broad-based, militant antifascist campaign can achieve. On 11th November, due to the demonstration of Polish neonazi organizations (including ONR -Oboz … Continue reading