Five Infidels arrested for attack on musician in July

Five members of the North West Infidels have today been arrested by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit. This follows an attack on a young musician and his family ahead of a Liverpool Antifascists benefit gig in July. Four men aged 21, 24, 30 and 52, and a 17-year-old boy, were arrested on suspicion of … Continue reading

The racist attack on Rhea Page

Nearly everyone in Britain, by now, will be aware of the actions of Emma West – her racist rant having earned My Tram Experience over 12 million hits on YouTube. Less people will be aware of Rhea Page, beaten unconscious by drunken Somali women who were screaming “kill the white slag.” The reason that the two have received different … Continue reading

EDL’s North East boss Spence jailed for attack on left meeting

The English Defence League’s North East regional organiser Alan Spence has been jailed for his part in an attack on a socialist meeting, along with several of his racist and fascist cohorts. Spence is a leading figure in the EDL – and a key link between the EDL and the British National Party: he stood … Continue reading

Appeal to find Irish Centre brawl suspects

   DETECTIVES hunting a gang of thugs who stormed a meeting of their political rivals have questioned three people. The men were arrested after the Chronicle printed images of 10 suspects caught on camera when chaos broke out at a Tyneside club as members of the left-wing Socialist Workers’ Party held a meeting. A gang … Continue reading

Jobless teen stuck BNP stickers on takeaway window and assaulted worker

A jobless teenager stuck British National Party (BNP) stickers on a pizza shop window before verbally and physically abusing its staff, a court heard. Stephen Gary Paul Elstob admitted racially aggravated assault and criminal damage following the incident in Darlington on May 5. Jonathan Bambro, prosecuting, told magistrates that Hakim Kadir was at work at … Continue reading

Barrow man in funeral fracas while on bail

A 64-YEAR-old man was punched in the face after arguing politics with a former BNP supporter during an altercation.   While on bail for the incident, Bernard Devlin, 56, then became embroiled in violent scenes with police at a pub following his sister’s funeral.   Both a police officer and Devlin were said to have been taken … Continue reading

Peter Tierney guilty of actual bodily harm

High-profile BNP member Peter Tierney has been found guilty of assault and causing actual bodily harm to an anti-fascist protester on St George’s Day last year. During the incident, which was captured on CCTV, Tierney swung a camera tripod at the back of the activist’s head. The victim subsequently needed his head wound gluing up … Continue reading

Peter Tierney trial reconvenes, and puts the threat of the BNP into perspective

Since the original incident last April, the Peter Tierney saga has dragged on for far too long. Antifascists (and, no doubt, fascists) in Liverpool will be very glad when it is over. Nonetheless, whilst it continues, we cannot simply stand aside and ignore the fact that a high-profile member of the BNP is on trial … Continue reading

Another BNP Thug Named and Shamed

BNP supporter in court today over election assault charge A supporter of the British National Party is due to appear in court today after allegedly attacking a gay Conservative candidate at the UK’s local elections, earlier this month. Desmond OFlynn, 45, is said to have attacked the openly-homosexual Tory candidate on the evening of 6 … Continue reading

Detailed And Gratifying Analysis of BNP Barking Defeat. “BNP looks set to implode.”

General election 2010: the defeat of the BNP The BNP had promised a ‘political earthquake’ in east London. Instead, unexpectedly, it was wiped out. Matthew Taylor and Hugh Muir report on the forces that came together to defeat it, and ask: is this the end for Nick Griffin’s party?     British National Party leader Nick … Continue reading