EDL teams up with BNP to attack anti-racist meeting

The racist thugs of the English Defence League teamed up with their Nazi pals in the British National Party to attack an anti-racist meeting in Barking on Thursday night. They smashed the windows of Crown House on Linton Road, where the meeting was taking place. A woman NHS worker who was attending the meeting was … Continue reading

Holocaust denier launches bid for BNP leadership

 With a large number of its activists either in hiding or on some kind of police bail, one of the party’s founding members has decided that he has had enough of Nick Griffin’s leadership and has indicated that he will stand for party leader later in the year.This is another distraction that the BNP’s leadership … Continue reading

BNP beaten by Labour in east London byelections

Far-right party hoped to win back council seats in Barking and Chadwell lost in general election Richard Barnbrook, who stood in the council elections in Barking . Photograph: Graham Turner The BNP has lost its chance to regain the party’s former east London stronghold as voters once again backed Labour in local byelections, a trend … Continue reading

Detailed And Gratifying Analysis of BNP Barking Defeat. “BNP looks set to implode.”

General election 2010: the defeat of the BNP The BNP had promised a ‘political earthquake’ in east London. Instead, unexpectedly, it was wiped out. Matthew Taylor and Hugh Muir report on the forces that came together to defeat it, and ask: is this the end for Nick Griffin’s party?     British National Party leader Nick … Continue reading

Billy Bragg Bends Barnbrook’s ear in Barking

Billy Bragg and BNP clash over St George’s Day Singer confronts London assembly member Richard Barnbrook on streets of Barking and Dagenham for second time this week Musician Billy Bragg took full advantage of St George’s Day yesterday by confronting a senior member of the BNP and pointing out that the patron saint of England … Continue reading

BNP Leaders Spill Their Guts Over Dagenham

BNP Leader: ‘East London Is Like Nairobi’ BNP leader Nick Griffin has been secretly filmed out on the far-right party’s campaign trail, where he compared east London to Nairobi. The BNP is well known for having controversial policies, but it would appear the party also has controversial opinions when it comes to canvassing voters. An … Continue reading

BNP man’s home paid for by German embassy

Bob Bailey – defrauding the taxpayer from here to Germany The London organiser of the BNP is the husband of a German Embassy diplomat and benefits from accommodation and allowances provided by the German taxpayer. Bob Bailey also enjoys some diplomatic immunity as the family member of an envoy – though this is limited as … Continue reading

BNP pulls activists away from election campaign on Merseyside

Nick Griffin thinks the BNP have no chance of winning any seats on Merseyside on May 6th. He’s ordered local party workers down to London on two weekends before the election to help canvass in the Barking & Dagenham seat he’s contesting. Liverpool BNP, like the good little fascists they are, have to obey orders, and … Continue reading

Why Margaret Hodge’s pseudo-Griffinism only helps the BNP

In the General Election, Margaret Hodge will be defending her seat in Barking against British National Party leader Nick Griffin. It’s not surprising, then, that at the forefront of her concerns is how to tackle the BNP and the disenfranchisement that drives people to support them. Unfortunately, it would appear that she has decided that the best … Continue reading