BNP day of action drowned out by local opposition

Thursday saw the BNP’s national day of action in Liverpool. This was to be when they would challenge “corruption and prejudice” against them by the BBC and Question Time, activists pouring in from across the country to make their voice heard. Unfortunately for them, it was not to be. Initially, Liverpool Antifascists members arriving at … Continue reading

Demonstrate against the BNP this Thursday!

The BNP are planning a protest outside BBC Question time when it is filmed at the Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC) in Liverpool on Thursday. Liverpool Antifascists supports the call out for all local anti-fascists to oppose their presence on our streets. The BNP’s gripe is against the supposed institutional bias against them at the BBC. … Continue reading

BNP accused of exploiting murder victims in campaign

The British National Party have been accused of exploiting murder victims and their families. The party has run a campaign featuring murders allegedly with a racial element, to call for support for BNP policies. But the families of some of those involved are unhappy at being used in this way. In response, the BNP accused … Continue reading