EDL commander intimidating protests against Asian MEP jailed for 18 months in UK. EDL commander intimidating protests against Asian MEP jailed for 18 months in UK

A ‘commander’ in the English Defence League who led a mob of 40 people to barricade the home of Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim has been jailed for 18 months. Bernard Holmes, 28, was arrested after members of far right group converged on the property of Mr Karim whilst his wife and two young children were … Continue reading

EDL mob was like ‘a pack of animals’

“Groups of largely middle aged men were running round like a pack of animals and aggressive behaviour abounded.” That was the description of racist scenes which erupted in Brierfield following a string of flash demonstrations by the English Defence League (EDL). Judge Norman Wright sentenced 11 supporters of the English Defence League – including two … Continue reading

Five EDL Scumbags From Lancashire Are Jailed

Five EDL idiots from East Lancashire have been imprisoned over their part in protest in Brierfield last year. Their protest was described in court as being like a pack of ‘wild animals’. They attacked an Asian man, and used a car to run over another. They then descended on the home of the local MEP … Continue reading

The English Defence League’s Exploitation of Young Girls

The English Defence League, with their insistence that they have the welfare of children at heart have taken a major knock this week after EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s sleazy advances were rebuffed by a 15 year old schoolgirl on Twitter …he then went on to subject her to a torrent of racist abuse. As you … Continue reading

Blackburn KFC demo ‘chicken’ is attack thug

A ‘DANGEROUS’ man who left his victim with a permanent brain injury has been released from jail early and is taking part in English Defence League protests. Bernard Holmes, 25, formerly of Coleridge Street, Blackburn, was jailed for two years and four months, in February for causing grievous bodily harm to Shaun Baxendale. Mr Baxendale … Continue reading