Charlene Downes: does the BNP really want justice?

The British National Party is claiming credit for the announcement that the police are to launch a new enquiry into the death of Charlene Downes, who disappeared without trace in Blackpool on 1 November 2003, aged 14. But it is not a police investigation that the BNP really wants. The BNP has already decided that … Continue reading

BNP set to darken Blackpool tomorrow

 Anything but excitment is gripping the British National Party at the moment as those daft enough to still be active in the party, are being instructed to make their way to Blackpool for the party’s annual conference which will kick off tonight when a few members will try and instigate a brawl of sorts outside … Continue reading

BNP set for return to resort

BNP leader Nick Griffin A controversial far-right political party is set to hold its annual conference in Blackpool again next month. The British National Party (BNP) will return to the resort over the weekend of September 28 and 29, party officials have announced. But organisers say they will not reveal the location of the conference … Continue reading

Conservative Candidate Makes Death Threats Against Liverpool Anti-Fascists

The gentleman in the picture above is Richard Brodowski. Originally from Bradford, he currently resides in Blackpool and is active within far-right circles. In 2011 Brodowski stood as a Conservative Party Candidate in the Squires Gate district of Blackpool. He has apparently at one time or another been an Anarchist, a member of the Socialist … Continue reading

EDL And Infidels In Dick Swinging Contest

Humiliating day really for both the EDL and the BNP. Only 436 EDL supporters went to Rochdale, and under 50 people turned up in Blackpool to listen to Nick Griffin trying to cash in on what is left of an ugly situation there. Word is rife on the internet that Stephen Lennon, who leads the EDL using the … Continue reading

BNP leader applauds rejection of Blackpool mosque planning application, boasts that he advised mosque opponents on their campaign

Yesterday the Blackpool Gazette reported that there had been “relief and delight” when the council’s planning committee rejected an application by the Noor-A-Madina Mosque. As is usual in such cases, formal objections had centred on supposed parking problems, and opponents claimed that their campaign against the mosque had “nothing to do with race or religion”. … Continue reading