The global network of neo-Nazi rockers

THE slogan of the US neo-Nazi record label Panzerfaust pretty much sums up what white power music is all about: “We don’t just entertain racist kids, we help create them.” Some years back, I spent six months travelling the world, making a documentary about white power music and its role in funding and inspiring the … Continue reading

Paris: Neo-Nazi Skinheads Beat to Death Teenage Anti-Fascist Clement Meric; President Francois Hollande pledges action against far right groups after deadly brawl in Paris

Clement Meric     A 19-year-old leftist has been beaten to death by a group of alleged neo-Nazis in central Paris in what French authorities described as a politically motivated attack. Clement Meric, a student at Sciences Po University, was declared brain dead by doctors at a Paris hospital where he was taken in critical … Continue reading

Hundreds unite against Swansea ‘white pride’ protest

 A showdown between National Front members and anti-fascist protesters brought hundreds of people to a Welsh city centre, amid a heavy police presence. Saturday’s so-called “White Pride March”, which was promoted on a South Wales National Front website, was condemned by campaigners, MPs and trade unionists who themselves gathered in a major counter demonstration, drawing … Continue reading

Blood & Honour: Profile

  Based in the United Kingdom, Blood & Honour is a shadowy international coalition of racist skinhead gangs. In the United States, two rival groups claim to be affiliated with Blood & Honour. One faction, known as Blood & Honour America Division, was “reestablished” in North America by the skinhead group Volksfront in 2005 and … Continue reading

How Neo-Nazis Are Making Money From YouTube Advertising

Neo-Nazis are using YouTube’s revenue-sharing system on adverts to obtain payments from companies such as Virgin Media, BT and O2 without their knowledge or consent. By putting videos on YouTube, extremist groups including Blood & Honour and Combat 18 have been benefiting from the automatic addition of ads to their videos. Revenue-sharing agreements under Google’s … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi Blood & Honour banned in Russia

The Supreme Court prohibited the activity of international Neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honor in Russia having found it extremist, the official spokesperson for the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said on Wednesday. The organization’s ideology is rooted in racial, ethnic, national, religious and social animosity and hatred, Marina Gridneva said. Gridneva said that its leaders and … Continue reading

No unity so far for anti-Griffin right

AFTER ALL THE HYPE AND PROMISES, the annual booze-up in memory of one of Britain’s most infamous postwar, jackbooted nazi leaders was a distinct disappointment. John Tyndall, who died in July 2005, founded the British National Party and led it until Nick Griffin became chairman in 1999. Even the fact that the event was an … Continue reading