EXCLUSIVE: London bus driver suspended over racist links with Nazi groups

A NEO-NAZI thug with an obsession for white power band Skrewdriver has been suspended from his job as a London bus driver. WHITE POWER: The NF last year in London Wes Lay has strong links with far-right groups including Combat 18 (C18), the National Front (NF), the British National Party (BNP) and Greece’s Golden Dawn.Despite … Continue reading

Far-right archive opened at University of Northampton

The archive features a range of publications such as Bulldog and Blood & Honour An archive of a collection of UK far-right pamphlets and magazines has been opened in Northamptonshire. It has been loaned by the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight and includes publications by the National Front. The university said it will provide resources for historical … Continue reading

EDL Essex division promotes Chelmsford anti-mosque demo with neo-Nazi video

Not content with getting three of its members arrested during a recent demonstration in Chelmsford, the English Defence League is returning on 18 August to continue its protest against the plan to build a so-called “mega-mosque” in the Essex city. The EDL Essex division are publicising the event on their Facebook page. As you can … Continue reading

Not a good year for neo-Nazi ‘Blood and Honour’ Canada

2012 is turning into very bad year for the neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour in Canada. On March 24, two ‘white pride’ rallies organized by B & H chapters in Edmonton, Alberta, and London, Ont., fizzled after overwhelming numbers of anti-fascists drove them from the streets and effectively shut them down. In Edmonton, about 200 … Continue reading