BNP conference demo report

On the first day of the BNP Conference, I arrived at about 10.45am to join a small but very loud group of people outside The Cricketers. There were lots of police vans around and the hi viz jackets were spotted in abundance as I approached. It was heartening to see that people had arrived early … Continue reading

Liverpool EDL’s vendetta against the working class

Although I and others have long noted the English Defence League’s anti-working class agenda, it seems that of late the Liverpool Division have decided to ramp it up a notch. Today, few will have been surprised to hear that several EDL members came out in opposition to the demo against the BNP conference. But it’s not just … Continue reading

The Cricketers in Wavertree hosts BNP Conference

This weekend, the BNP are holding their annual conference in the North West. In the run up to the event, it was largely assumed by anti-fascists that the event would be held in Manchester. However, on Friday it emerged that the conference would be held in Liverpool and locals called a demonstration. The venue being … Continue reading

Departures leave BNP future in doubt

  The British National Party’s communications officer has left the party, following the abrupt departure of its fundraising and management guru Jim Dowson. Paul Golding was the BNP’s sole district councillor in southeast England. His exit leaves the racist party with only 23 councillors compared with the 28 it had after the May elections. The … Continue reading

BNP to hold membership rules ballot

Today, whilst antifascists gathered in protest nearby, the BNP held its annual conference in Wigan. There, senior party members “voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of allowing a party-wide ballot on membership rules,” according to the Daily Express. In October, Nick Griffin put out a begging letter, urging people to give him cash “to ensure that we … Continue reading