The impecunious Mr Griffin? The strange world of the British National Party leader’s legal team

Facing many court cases, Nick Griffin appears to have turned to a charity for his legal affairs; Legal Action, a registered charity in the UK, number 1100780, also has the working name of Charles Henry & Co. Their official registration says that their purpose is to “relieve impecunious persons, by providing them with legal facilities … Continue reading

Destroying the BNP in court won’t defeat fascism

In February, the British National Party voted to change its constitution to allow non-whites to join, after legal threats from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). But both sides have since returned to court after the EHRC declared that the new rules are still “indirectly discriminatory.” The matter in contention is that members have … Continue reading

High Court reserves judgement in BNP membership case

A legal ruling in a long-running dispute over the BNP’s membership policy will not be made for at least a week after the conclusion of a High Court hearing on Tuesday. The party voted to change its rules after facing a court injunction over its “whites only” membership. But the Equality and Human Rights Commission has … Continue reading

Nick Griffin jail proceedings adjourned

An attempt by the Equality Commission to imprison the British National Party leader Nick Griffin was adjourned [yesterday] for two months. Griffin and two former BNP officers, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby, are accused of failing to remove potentially racist clauses from the party’s constitution. Although the party agreed in February to open membership to … Continue reading

BNP crisis as Nick Griffin faces jail over whites-only policy

The British National party is facing a crisis in the run-up to the general election after it emerged that Nick Griffin, its leader, could be jailed over its illegal “whites only” membership policy. Whitehall officials believe Griffin will be unable to comply in time with a court order forcing him to change the BNP’s constitution … Continue reading