Sacked BNP worker awarded damages for wrongful dismissal

  Marion Thomas A former British National Party worker has been awarded over £2,500 for wrongful dismissal by the right-wing party last year. Marion Thomas worked in the party’s east Belfast office for over a year. BNP leader Nick Griffin was named as the respondent in the case as the employment panel unanimously decided to … Continue reading

Far-right BNP were £275k in debt, office worker tells tribunal

A FINANCE worker has revealed that BNP bosses were £275,000 in debt – despite raking in millions from donors. Administrator Marion Thomas, who organised the party’s fundraising centre in Northern Ireland, has also told of bitter in-fighting among factions of the far-right rabble. Thomas, from Possil, Glasgow, made the claims during an employment tribunal hearing … Continue reading

BNP member denies he helped hold woman in Comber car park

A senior member of the BNP has denied that he helped hold a former employee of the party against her will in a car park in Comber. Clive Jefferson also told an industrial tribunal he had not ordered the woman to falsify election expenses. Marion Thomas is claiming unfair dismissal from her job at the … Continue reading

BNP’s delayed accounts reveal financial disaster zone

The British National Party’s treasury department appears to have “lost” nearly £90,000 of funds belonging to its local groups, according to the party’s 2009 accounts, released today. The BNP’s national and regional accounts were submitted to the Electoral Commission on 6 January, two days before the fines for their late submission would have doubled to … Continue reading

The impecunious Mr Griffin? The strange world of the British National Party leader’s legal team

Facing many court cases, Nick Griffin appears to have turned to a charity for his legal affairs; Legal Action, a registered charity in the UK, number 1100780, also has the working name of Charles Henry & Co. Their official registration says that their purpose is to “relieve impecunious persons, by providing them with legal facilities … Continue reading

BNP’s Euro-funds closely scrutinised

Concern has been expressed that the BNP could syphon off thousands of pounds of European Union money to pay off its reported mounting debts. Party leader Nick Griffin and his colleague Andrew Brons are entitled to a combined financial package worth around £600,000 a year because they are MEPs. It includes their annual MEP salaries … Continue reading