THE British National Party is set to face allegations this week that it is a dangerous, bankrupt and fraudulent organisation. An unfair dismissal case brought by a disgruntled ex-employee­ could put the final nail in the coffin of the crumbling party. The far-right organisation’s head Nick Griffin is expected to give evidence at the hearing … Continue reading

Panorama: BNP – The Fraud Exposed, BBC One, review. Chris Harvey reviews Panorama’s latest expose about the British National Party.

  The BNP’s Nick Griffin campaigning in Barking & Dagenham during the 2010 Election campaign.   Panorama’s latest investigation into the BNP – there have been two others – was a determined ferret among its financial minutiae that turned up quite a few things that didn’t smell too good. There were accusations of inappropriate use … Continue reading

BNP facing accusations of fraud

  Mr Griffin accused the BBC and Panorama of bias in the reporting of the BNP The British National Party is under investigation by the European Union and the Metropolitan Police for alleged fraud and breaches of electoral law. The dual investigations come as a former BNP administrator told the BBC’s Panorama programme that she … Continue reading