Neo-Nazis not welcome in the Swan

[Edit: originally, this post was titled “Neo-Nazis booted from the Swan. This falsely gave the impression that there was some kind of physical confrontation or fight, when the only thing that passed between fascists and anti-fascists were harsh words before they decided to flee. The title has been amended for this reason.] Today (October 9th) … Continue reading

EDL retreat in Bolton

The English Defence League last night released this statement; After many discussions between the EDL leadership we have decided on 06/02/10 to cancel our planned Demo in Bolton city centre. This decision was not take lightly, We outlayed [sic] £200.00+ on advertising for this demo, But we have taken this decision due to the fact there is a … Continue reading

Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP head to court yet again…

Today, Merseyside BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney was up at the Crown Court to enter a plea on charges of assault. In response, Liverpool Antifascists turned up to distribute leaflets informing the public of exactly who Merseyside BNP has in its ranks. Overall, the response to the leaflets from the public was a positive one and … Continue reading