The English Defence League’s Exploitation of Young Girls

The English Defence League, with their insistence that they have the welfare of children at heart have taken a major knock this week after EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s sleazy advances were rebuffed by a 15 year old schoolgirl on Twitter …he then went on to subject her to a torrent of racist abuse. As you … Continue reading

Brighton Anti-Fascist Actions Prove A Valuable Lesson

This afternoon’s actions by Brightoners against the English Defence League proved a valuable lesson in the value of protest. Caught sunning themselves on St James’ Street and the Palace Pier, the EDL were swiftly surrounded by hundreds of irate Brightoners. Police were forced to intervene but despite overwhelming numbers and reinforcements from Hampshire, were unable … Continue reading

Fascists Humiliated in Brighton – Again!

Casuals United, the football hooligan wing of the EDL, made complete tits of themselves in Brighton today (2nd). In response to their humiliation at March for England the fash thought it would be a good idea to come back in even smaller numbers to have a go at the “rabid hordes of commie UAF gays” that passes … Continue reading


It has been advertised on facebook and the casuals united blog page that the buffoons of the EDL/ MFE and casuals united are due to assemble in Brighton this weekend for the queen`s jubilee, clearly these idiots cannot define patriotism between crude abusive racism, The last time any fascist group invaded Brighton they were smashed … Continue reading

Brighton: Fash, bang, wallop

Reposted from SchNEWS Quote of the day – “Well who thought it was a good idea to organise these two demonstrations on the same day? Surely it was obvious there would be problems” – random Brighton theatre-goer/by-stander Yesterday’s counter-protest against the March for Englandexceeded all expectations. Although the fascists did march they did so inside a … Continue reading