The EDL to return to Tower Hamlets

The following post comes from the Tower Hamlets ALARM website. We repost it here because, though LiverAF doesn’t hold the explicitly anarchist position that ALARM do, we agree with the class-conscious approach to anti-fascism as a counter-point to apolitical and liberal anti-fascism. Last year a far right wing religious group was to hold a conference … Continue reading

The Infidels throw their lot in against the working class

Elements of the far-right – in particular those who have splintered from the English Defence League – have released a “message to the reds and the militants.” It warns us that they now intend to “put all our efforts into opposing everything you do.” In other words, at a time of sharply accelerating class struggle, … Continue reading

Destroying the BNP in court won’t defeat fascism

In February, the British National Party voted to change its constitution to allow non-whites to join, after legal threats from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). But both sides have since returned to court after the EHRC declared that the new rules are still “indirectly discriminatory.” The matter in contention is that members have … Continue reading