Fewer than 20 protesters turn up to support BNP rally outside Home Office in Croydon

  DWINDLING: The BNP protesters (right) are significantly outnumbered by the anti-fascist crowd FEWER than 20 protesters turned up to support the British National Party’s anti-immigration rally outside a Home Office building in Croydon today. The BNP had invited a 200-strong “pan-patriotic alliance” made up of right-wing groups but their numbers were dwarfed by anti-fascism protesters. … Continue reading

BNP accused of exploiting refugee crisis ahead of today’s Croydon protest

Video: Clifford Le May Anti-fascists will meet head-on with British National Party (BNP) activists outside a Croydon immigration centre today. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) accused the BNP of exploiting a “toxic political climate” by planning a rally outside Lunar House, the Home Office’s main immigration centre. The protesters said the far-right party was “trying to … Continue reading

Police investigate BNP candidates for failing to submit Croydon election expenses

  John Clarke, Clifford Le May and David Clarke stood for the BNP in Croydon in May’s council electionsFIVE candidates who stood in May’s council elections are under investigation by the police for failing to submit their expenses. The Metropolitan Police has received an allegation that four British National Party (BNP) candidates, and an independent, … Continue reading

Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers

  Political extremists were outnumbered and outgunned by protesters against the badger cull.   A rally by extremists from the British National Party and the English Defence League was dwarfed by opposition campaigners staging rival protests in London on Saturday 1 June. Shortly after lunch, a die-hard core of around 50 BNP and EDL supporters … Continue reading

Emma West racist tram rant accused attracts sympathy from BNP

FAR-RIGHT groups have hijacked the case of a woman accused of hurling racist abuse at tram passengers. Members of the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL) turned out in court this week to support Emma West. A video of the mother-of-two apparently abusing black, Asian and Polish passengers while holding her … Continue reading