BNP losing the will to live

Seriously, artwork by Griffin supporters! The new leadership of the British National Party (BNP) have hit back at their former leader Nick Griffin and his mounting number of rebel supporters over their allegations of financial mismanagement. To put it into context, Nick Griffin seemed very happy with the way things were going in the party … Continue reading

BNP’s date rape boss wants Rotherham set alight

Walker with Squire, the Date-Rape salesman Ousted BNP chief Nick Griffin has been in Italy speaking at a conference of far-right activists this weekend.Griffin jetted out of the country on Friday night but not before he delivered another attack on Adam Walker in an interview that was very quickly pulled from the BNP’s website. Griffin … Continue reading

The BNP is revolting

There’s a surprise! Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson arrived in Bolton tonight as part of their plan to reinvigorate activism in the party, but our person in the meeting tells us that by the time they arrived at Dirty Girty’s, the majority of the thirty people inside were so drunk that not a lot could … Continue reading


Pardon us if, after last Sunday’s wipe-out of the BNP at the Euro-Election count, Liveraf activists enjoy a few minutes of exultation. No, the BNP isn’t going to go away, not for a while at any rate, neither are any of the other insects of the far right. And we have to face the grim … Continue reading

Cumbrian BNP councillor held over voting probe

A BNP parish councillor has been arrested in connection with concerns over voting in the county council elections. Dawn Charlton Dawn Charlton, 49, was arrested at her Maryport home by Cumbria police in connection with an ongoing investigation into voting at last May’s elections. The Broughton Moor parish councillor was questioned at Workington police station … Continue reading

Sons of Northumberland expat win £389k BNP battle of will: Two sons have won a battle with the British National Party over their dad’s £389,000 inheritance

   British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin. Gareth Fuller/PA Wire Two sons have won a battle with the British National Party over their dad’s £389,000 inheritance. When Ashington-born Joseph Robson died in Alicante, Spain, at the age of 81 in March 2010, he bequeathed his entire estate outside Spain – worth £389,000 – to the … Continue reading

Sons in battle for £389,000 left by expat father to BNP: Brothers were bequeathed just £135 between them, High Court told

Joseph Robson moved to Alicante in 1992  and in 2010 estate left to BNP His sons Jeremy and Simon were handed  £67.50 each in disputed will They say father was not registered to  vote in UK so cannot donate to BNP Political party say sons are wrongly  trying to block father’s dying wish The sons … Continue reading

Three Arrests outside BNP Court Case in Liverpool

This morning, the BNP National Treasurer and Griffin ‘yes man’ Clive Jefferson, was at Liverpool Magistrates Court on charges relating to his arrest outside the Crown Court earlier in the month. The BNP had called for a national mobilisation to support Jefferson, yet unfortunately the active BNP membership is disappearing as fast as party funding. … Continue reading

Far-right BNP were £275k in debt, office worker tells tribunal

A FINANCE worker has revealed that BNP bosses were £275,000 in debt – despite raking in millions from donors. Administrator Marion Thomas, who organised the party’s fundraising centre in Northern Ireland, has also told of bitter in-fighting among factions of the far-right rabble. Thomas, from Possil, Glasgow, made the claims during an employment tribunal hearing … Continue reading

BNP member denies he helped hold woman in Comber car park

A senior member of the BNP has denied that he helped hold a former employee of the party against her will in a car park in Comber. Clive Jefferson also told an industrial tribunal he had not ordered the woman to falsify election expenses. Marion Thomas is claiming unfair dismissal from her job at the … Continue reading