The Adelphi Hotel in Blackburn stands accused of hosting neo nazi parties after images sent to EDL News show White Pride, Combat 18 and Blood and Honour flags strewn around the venue. The event, held on Saturday 13th June, was an engagement party for Shane Calvert, leader of the North West Infidels. Calvert and several … Continue reading

English Neo-Nazis Marched Through London on Remembrance Sunday

It’s a little known fact that every year on Remembrance Sunday, just after the Queen, the Prime Minister, and other members of the British establishment and military have finished remembering those who fought and died in the two World Wars and later conflicts, a bunch of neo-Nazis march past the Cenotaph to pay their own … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: London bus driver suspended over racist links with Nazi groups

A NEO-NAZI thug with an obsession for white power band Skrewdriver has been suspended from his job as a London bus driver. WHITE POWER: The NF last year in London Wes Lay has strong links with far-right groups including Combat 18 (C18), the National Front (NF), the British National Party (BNP) and Greece’s Golden Dawn.Despite … Continue reading

The global network of neo-Nazi rockers

THE slogan of the US neo-Nazi record label Panzerfaust pretty much sums up what white power music is all about: “We don’t just entertain racist kids, we help create them.” Some years back, I spent six months travelling the world, making a documentary about white power music and its role in funding and inspiring the … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi former BNP members launch new far-right party

They hope the new British Democratic Party will kill off the BNP, while security for the launch meeting will be provided by EDL activists. Andrew Brons, a former Chair of the National Front and until recently one of the British National Party’s MEPs, will launch a new far-right party this weekend – one he and … Continue reading

The Books Interview: Matthew Collins. The author of “Hate: My Life in the British Far Right” explains what drives people towards extremist groups like the BNP and the National Front.

You joined the National Front as a teenager in the late 1980s, but became disillusioned after taking part in a BNP attack on an anti-racist meeting in south London. Was that a moment of revelation, or part of a more gradual process? I wasn’t a stranger to violence. But that was the moment when I … Continue reading

How Neo-Nazis Are Making Money From YouTube Advertising

Neo-Nazis are using YouTube’s revenue-sharing system on adverts to obtain payments from companies such as Virgin Media, BT and O2 without their knowledge or consent. By putting videos on YouTube, extremist groups including Blood & Honour and Combat 18 have been benefiting from the automatic addition of ads to their videos. Revenue-sharing agreements under Google’s … Continue reading

Back from the Front: Inside the mind of a reformed UK far-right extremist

Matthew Collins is a leading anti-fascist campaigner – but in his youth he was at the heart of the National Front and the BNP. As his account of life in the far right is published, he talks to Ros Wynne-Jones about racism, rehabilitation and the Norway massacre. When Matthew Collins heard what was happening in … Continue reading

Neo Nazi Dog Fighter Jailed

   David Brinley Braddon   A convicted dog fighter from South Wales has been jailed for six months following a major investigation by covert RSPCA inspectors. David Brinley Braddon was given the maximum possible custodial sentence, along with a 15-year-ban on keeping animals, after it emerged he was identified in several illegal magazines that contained … Continue reading

Fascist EDL Football Hooligans To Invade Stoke on the 23rd of January

The neo-Nazi EDL have announced on their website they are to hold a violent racist gathering in Stoke on Saturday the 23rd of January 2010. With a sizeable number of far right representatives on the council from the BNP, despite all claims to the contrary, by bringing their violent football hooligan bandwagon to Stoke, their … Continue reading