“Peaceful Patriots” Fail to Stop Anti-Fascist March in Liverpool

Today saw a march in Liverpool for ‘working class unity against racism and fascism. The march was organised by the James Larkin Society of Liverpool. The march has been the subject of a great deal of controversy as various far-right groups have decided that it is an ‘IRA’ march, and subsequently spread misinformation and smears … Continue reading

The British Constitution Group in Birkenhead

According to an anti-fascist comrade over the water, the gathering was “a strange collection.” On Monday afternoon, several hundred people assembled outside a court in Birkenhead and attempted to arrest a judge. The protest occurred under the banner of the “British Constitution Group.” But who are they? My comrade told me that “most of the … Continue reading

Err, not really…

As I’ve mentioned previously, the BNP is worried about finding itself increasingly irrelevant in the rising climate of austerity and class war. To counter this, alongside its usual tactic of racialising economic issues, it has been trying to play the victim card on the back of increasingly absurd claims. Their latest rambling nonsense is this; … Continue reading