Surrey Police Forced To Apologise After Posting ‘Racist’ Tweet

Surrey Police have been forced to apologise after furious social media users flew into a frenzy over a “racist” tweet. Police were left red-faced after they posted a Tweet with the words “Officers 1 Immigrants 0” which was branded “disgraceful and ignorant.” The message, from the official GuildfordBeat account was hashtagged #WeWillCatchUpWithYou. The tweet was … Continue reading

Rod Liddle has Shit-for-Brains

Charlotte Gore explains the difference between “political incorrectness” and “incorrectness.” Right, being the one-man think tank that he is, Rod Liddle has decided to troll the internet with a nasty piece of insinuation about the ‘human filth’ that is young afro-Caribbean men living in London. Behold and tremble as Brain-trust speaks: The overwhelming majority of street … Continue reading