EDL to return to Walthamstow on 27 October

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, has just released a video announcing that their planned demo in Norwich on October 27 is being put back. This date will now see the EDL return to Walthamstow, East London, in what he hopes will be a more favourable re-run of last weekend’s appearence there. Since … Continue reading

Fascists humiliated in Glasgow

Scores of trade union activists and anti-fascist campaigners have prevented the racist BNP from holding what they described as a ‘national rally’ in Scotland. Party leader, Nick Griffin, had been due to attend an outdoor rally in Glasgow city centre. In the event, three members of a small, breakaway fascist group turned up. They were … Continue reading

Scottish Defence League ‘back out’ of Glasgow demo following 5 arrests….NFSE??

Details are unclear at the moment, but at least five members of the Scottish Defence league have been arrested across Scotland. Some at their homes and some at their workplaces. It would also appear that some are on the run In a move that is clearly nothing to do with today’s arrests (lol) the Scottish … Continue reading

Putting the EDL into perspective

Via some local comrades, Liverpool Antifascists have discovered this video of the EDL’s recent “march” through Liverpool: On the same day, as we’ve already mentioned, 4,000 trade unionists marched to the Lib Dem conference protesting against the cuts. There was music, a broad cross-section of workers’ organisations, lots of flags and banners … and they … Continue reading

EDL flash demo fails to ignite Liverpool

Word reaches Liverpool Antifascists that the English Defence League made an appearance in Liverpool today. Witnesses on the ground described the event as not up to much. Nonetheless, it presents a worrying precedent and a reminder to antifascists to remain vigilant. In the early afternoon, thousands of trade unionists, socialists, and working class activists marched … Continue reading