Call-out to oppose the EDL in Manchester – THIS SATURDAY!

Whit a weekend. We saw 20 odd EDL turn up in Cambridge, all clutching beer cans and arguing with each other to the massed amusements of anti-fascists everywhere and then some local ‘chav scrotes’ attacked the entire Doncaster division, i.e., some bloke from Donny. We also saw the scab outfit NWI attempting to attack an … Continue reading

Bonehead nonsense in Manchester

The following two updates come via Anti Capitalist Action Manchester Last Saturday (23rd Feb), ACA members participated in the March Against the Cuts in the city centre. As we were going for a post-march pint, we were notified that Stockport EDL + the NWI’s very own Diddyman were in Piccadilly Gardens handing out leaflets. Once … Continue reading

Pitiful Infidels Humbled in Liverpool

I’ve seen few more pitiful sights than the North West Infidels and their ragtag band of allies outside Liverpool town hall last night. A mere twenty of the oxygen thieves made it to the “national demonstration”, and as they huddled around their ridiculous banner, jabbering incoherently about “paedos” and “terrorist supporters”, they demonstrated nothing except … Continue reading

Infidels suffer humiliating failure at Liverpool Town Hall

Saturday 3rd November saw the North West Infidels’ demonstrate outside Liverpool Town Hall. Their aim was to put pressure on Mayor Joe Anderson and stop him allowing “the IRA” from marching in the city. To say it didn’t quite go to plan would be an understatement. The NWI had put out a huge national callout … Continue reading

Oppose the North West Infidels – 3rd November

On Saturday 3rd November the North West Infidels, a fascist street gang connected to the National Front, is holding a demonstration in Liverpool. Liverpool Antifascists is calling on all anti-fascists andanti-racists to join us in opposing them. The pretext for the demonstration is Mayor Joe Anderson allowing “pro-IRA” marches in the city. In reality, the … Continue reading

Police protect the fash in Brizzle

Bristol Antifascists would like to thank everyone who came yesterday and made sure the EDL got the welcome they deserved. As a local shop keeper said: “Silly bastards!” There was a wide range of tactics shown; we made sure they were hounded all day and that they were driven out of town. Numbers of EDL … Continue reading

Three Birmingham Men Plotted Attack on the EDL

Three men have appeared in court accused of planning to attack members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL). Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and Mohammed Hasseen, 23, all from Sparkhill in Birmingham appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged under the Terrorism Act 2006 on allegations of of preparing for an act or … Continue reading

Oppose The Master Race In Dewsbury on June 30th

On Saturday 30th June, the EDL and associated boneheads will be bringing their increasingly shrinking circus to Dewsbury in an attempt to whip up racial tensions. A counter demonstration has been called, the details so far are as follows: Meet 1pm at corner of Foundry Street and Market Place in Dewsbury. The EDL have already … Continue reading

All Five Members Of The Scottish Defence League Vow To Ignore Demonstration Ban

Tayside Police have said they will ”fully consider the implications” of the decision taken by Dundee City Council’s licensing committee to reject an application by the Scottish Defence League to protest in the City Square. The SDL have said they will disregard the committee’s ruling and it is thought the force will be ready to deploy extra … Continue reading

EDL Invents ‘Child Abduction’ Story to Boost Attendance at Dewsbury Demonstration

  In a disgusting attempt at recruiting assorted racists and fascists to attend their forthcoming Dewsbury protest, it seems the English Defence League have stooped to an all time low when it comes to making up a story. The EDL’s Dewsbury division started a rumour about Muslim men attempting to abduct two young girls from … Continue reading