Thank you

Liverpool Antifascists would like to extend its thanks to everyone who donated to our campaign fund in the run up to Thursday’s elections. We would also like to express our gratitude to everybody who has been out delivering leaflets in the past week and a half. We focused our energies on working class estates in … Continue reading

Support our fight against the far-right

The British National Party have promised to mount a “massive” campaign for the coming local elections on 5th May. They will be looking to capitalise upon the anger and alienation caused by the economic crisis and the government’s cuts in order to lead people up the blind alley of nationalism. Liverpool Antifascists, as ever, are … Continue reading

The epic adventures of the BNP lie lorry

On Wednesday, the BNP’s Lie Lorry visited Fazakerley during the By-Election campaign before being “taken on a tour of the Liverpool City and surrounding areas.” Several local residents report, bemused, that the event was a rather ridiculous charade. Anti-fascists in Lancaster, also treated to the spectacle of the Lie Lorry recently, can confirm this. From Lancaster Unity, … Continue reading