BNP leader Nick Griffin called to give evidence at employment tribunal

  Michelle Harrington has accused Andrew Brons of sexual and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal. BNP leader Nick Griffin has been called to give evidence at a Scottish employment tribunal between a punk singer and far right politician. Michelle Harrington – also known as Mish Bondage – has accused the BNP’s Andrew Brons of sexual … Continue reading

MY TIME IN THE BNP By Claudia Dalgleish

Editorial. In the ordinary run of things, Liveraf wouldn’t use a blog from a former BNP member as toilet paper, especially when its author turns out to be an unrepentant Afrikaner nationalist! This one however is extremely interesting for it gives the lowdown on Claudia Dalgleish’s time as a BNP attack dog. IE., someone who systematically trolls … Continue reading

Bailiffs seize BNP boss Nick Griffin’s car

  BNP leader Nick Griffin (Pic: Getty) BNP leader Nick Griffin’s car has been seized by bailiffs trying to claw back his ­party’s £600,000 debts. High Court enforcement officers turned up at the far-right party chief’s home in Welshpool, Powys, with a lorry and orders to take his Skoda on Friday morning. Eddy Butler, one … Continue reading

Der Untergang! British National Party declares war… on itself

Just over a year ago, the Brits woke up to discover that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons from the far right had been elected as MEPs. Party leader Griffin declared that this was the beginning of a brave new world and got pelted with eggs on his way out of the count. Today, if there … Continue reading

The Fighting Fuhrers

 The British National Party continues to implode, although it’s more of a whimper than a bang these days. While the infighting has led to arrests, splits and a rapidly disappearing membership, one man has stood aloof from the fray, Andrew Brons MEP. On Sunday the fray came to Brons. One of his staff, Eddy Butler, … Continue reading

BNP’s Euro-funds closely scrutinised

Concern has been expressed that the BNP could syphon off thousands of pounds of European Union money to pay off its reported mounting debts. Party leader Nick Griffin and his colleague Andrew Brons are entitled to a combined financial package worth around £600,000 a year because they are MEPs. It includes their annual MEP salaries … Continue reading

Departures leave BNP future in doubt

  The British National Party’s communications officer has left the party, following the abrupt departure of its fundraising and management guru Jim Dowson. Paul Golding was the BNP’s sole district councillor in southeast England. His exit leaves the racist party with only 23 councillors compared with the 28 it had after the May elections. The … Continue reading

BNP expels Richard Barnbrook as bitter feud threatens to tear apart party. Senior figure’s membership of far-right group ended after failed attempt to unseat leader Nick Griffin

Richard Barnbrook has been expelled from the BNP in an increasingly bitter feud with Nick Griffin. Photograph: Andy Paradise / Rex Features Richard Barnbrook, one of the British National party’s most senior figures, has been expelled as part of an increasingly bitter feud threatening to engulf the far-right organisation. The London Assembly member, who was … Continue reading

Nick Griffin jail proceedings adjourned

An attempt by the Equality Commission to imprison the British National Party leader Nick Griffin was adjourned [yesterday] for two months. Griffin and two former BNP officers, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby, are accused of failing to remove potentially racist clauses from the party’s constitution. Although the party agreed in February to open membership to … Continue reading

Debts, lawsuits and internal feuding cast doubt on future of BNP

Nick Griffin’s leadership threatened by crisis in far-right politics The British National Party faces a financial and political crisis with crippling debts and an internal rebellion which could spell the end of the far-right group as a significant electoral force. The party has a deficit of at least £500,000 and could face up to 12 … Continue reading