EDL thug gets 9 years in prison for racist attack on neighbours

A man who wielded knives, broke down his neighbours’ front door and threatened to kill them, has been jailed. Leeds Crown Court heard how Daniel Smith had 167 previous convictions before he was locked up for 10 further offences today. The 39-year-old was not present for his sentencing because he was taken back to Armley prison … Continue reading

EDL Bonehead Admits to Attacking Anti-Jubilee Protester with a Firework

A THUG has admitted throwing a firecracker during fierce clashes after English Defence League supporters stormed an anti-Jubilee rally. Anthony Crawford hurled a firecracker into a group of demonstrators at Greys Monument in Newcastle on June 4, 2012. The 22-year-old, of Elmway, Chester-le-Street, Durham, pleaded guilty to the offences at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Thursday, June 28. … Continue reading

Five EDL Scumbags From Lancashire Are Jailed

Five EDL idiots from East Lancashire have been imprisoned over their part in protest in Brierfield last year. Their protest was described in court as being like a pack of ‘wild animals’. They attacked an Asian man, and used a car to run over another. They then descended on the home of the local MEP … Continue reading

Police plan operation for EDL’s Bristol march

Policing EDL ‘needs extra funds’ Police may seek to ban EDL march A security operation costing up to £1m and involving 700 police officers is being organised ahead of an English Defence League (EDL) march in Bristol. The EDL will hold the march on 14 July – the same day as the city’s gay community … Continue reading

Fascist Boneheads Arrested For Attacks on Anti Jubilee Protesters

Police have arrested two men following a protest in Newcastle in which EDL supporters clashed with people holding an Anti-Jubilee party. The arrests follow an incident during the protest at Grey’s Monument when firecrackers went off among a crowd of people. One man suffered a slight injury and received hospital treatment before being discharged. Anthony … Continue reading

Police called to ‘large scale disorder of EDL’, court told

A Court heard how police called to a “large scale disorder” were forced to use pepper spray and brandish Tasers to tackle a “very aggressive” crowd. Two men, Ricky Burley, aged 43 and 34-year-old Michael Rafferty both appeared at Plymouth Magistrates Court to face trial on charges of resisting police officers in Exeter Street on … Continue reading

EDL Court Case Adjourned Yet Again

The sentencing of a group of English Defence League (EDL) supporters was adjourned for a second time after the man dubbed their “commander” collapsed in court. Judge Norman Wright postponed the Preston Crown Court case after being told Bernard Holmes was lying “semi comatose” in the public gallery yesterday. Representing him, Jeremy Lasker said Holmes … Continue reading

25 Fascists Attack a Morning Star Paper Sale

Trade unionists will hold an emergency meeting in Hull on Thursday to discuss the threat of the far-right EDL following an attack on a Morning Star stall at the weekend, writes John Millington. The trades union council is expected to call for a show of strength by union members and anti-fascists in the city over … Continue reading

EDL Bonehead admits threatening to kill Asian family.

An EDL activist has admitted threatening to kill his neighbours and forcing his way into their home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Daniel Smith, 39, was told that he should expect a long jail term when he returns to Leeds Crown Court for sentencing on June 22. Smith has admitted 10 offences including burglary, common assault, … Continue reading

EDL splinter groups may target public sector strikers, unions warnEDL groups are broadening out their attacks to focus on leftwing organisations

 Britain’s biggest unions are warning of a threat of violence by far-right groups during national strike action this month, amid concern that fascist elements are increasingly intent on targeting striking public sector workers. Unite, Unison and the TUC said they were taking the prospect of disruption by far-right supporters seriously, and had begun to liaise … Continue reading