Nick Griffin Blackmailed Over Unpaid Debt

The daughter of BNP leader Nick Griffin was nearly “run off the road” in north Cumbria by men pursuing her father for repayment of a £44,000 debt, a jury heard. Mr Griffin appeared in the witness box at Carlisle Crown Court yesterday to give evidence in the case of a printing firm boss who is … Continue reading

Fascist Golden Dawn Proclaims Itself The Party Of National Opposition

The results of Greece’s second election have given far-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) a clear mandate to enter Parliament with 18 seats. Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos proclaimed “we are the party of national opposition.” Golden Dawn’s claim to be the party of national opposition had already been staked by Alexis Tsipras, who likewise announced that … Continue reading

Golden Dawn Nazis Retain Seats in Greek Elections

  An extreme right party that campaigned to rid Greece of illegal immigrants largely held its bloc of seats in parliamentary elections Sunday, retaining support after a party official slapped a female politician and threw a glass of water on another on live television during the campaign. Official projections showed the Golden Dawn party returning … Continue reading

French Fascist Marine Le Pen Loses Bid To Be MP

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen of the National Front lost her bid to win a seat in France’s parliamentary election by a handful of votes on Sunday, results showed. Socialist Philippe Kemel, who had already claimed victory in the vote, defeated Le Pen by only 118 votes, scoring 50.11 percent to Le Pen’s 49.89 … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi party holds torch-lit march in Greece ahead of new election

ATHENS — Holding torches and chanting “Foreigners out of Greece!” some 2,000 supporters of the extreme right Golden Dawn party marched through central Athens ahead of elections in the financially struggling country. The heavily policed rally on Tuesday ended peacefully. Golden Dawn, prominent members of which have expressed admiration for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, won nearly … Continue reading

North East England: A BNP Free Zone

On one dismal evening in early May 2006, the BNP won 12 seats on Barking and Dagenham Council in East London. Thankfully they lost all the seats again on the evening of 1st May 2010, when the decline of the BNP across the country really started to become apparent. The BNP were also the official opposition … Continue reading

Far-right embarrass themselves at the polls – and at the count

The far-right failed miserably at yesterday’s elections. This was a nationwide trend, with the BNP losing all of the seats it contested, but it was particularly heartening to see on Merseyside. Given all the commotion they’ve been causing recently, it remains the case that the people of Liverpool resoundingly reject the politics of hate. Not … Continue reading

Support our fight against the far-right

The British National Party have promised to mount a “massive” campaign for the coming local elections on 5th May. They will be looking to capitalise upon the anger and alienation caused by the economic crisis and the government’s cuts in order to lead people up the blind alley of nationalism. Liverpool Antifascists, as ever, are … Continue reading