Jewish group warns against rise of neo-Nazis in open letter

A group of prominent members of Europe’s Jewish community on Monday sent an open letter published in The Guardian warning of the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Europe, stressing the recent rise in popularity of Greece’s Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party in the May 6 elections, and condemned the fostering of conditions that nurture extremist … Continue reading

Fascist vote on the rise throughout Europe

At the last presidential elections in France and Greece neo-Nazi right-wing parties showed impressive parliamentary results. Europeans remember the events that occurred 80 years ago, when in the wake of the economic crisis Hitler came to power in Germany, and wonder how the neo-Nazism were able to return to the tolerant Europe. Within several years, … Continue reading

Der Untergang! British National Party declares war… on itself

Just over a year ago, the Brits woke up to discover that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons from the far right had been elected as MEPs. Party leader Griffin declared that this was the beginning of a brave new world and got pelted with eggs on his way out of the count. Today, if there … Continue reading