Steve Greenhalgh denied entry to BNP meeting by Peter Tierney

Further to our recent coverage of factionalism within Liverpool BNP, what follows is a video of former BNP organiser Steve Greenhalgh being knocked back from the Aigburth Peoples’ Hall by “super-activist” Peter Tierney. Both men were involved in the incident which saw Tierney crack an antifascist across the head with a camera tripod last year. … Continue reading

More on Liverpool BNP factionalism

Liverpool BNP’s implosion, which saw the dissident faction purged from the ranks in a bar-room brawl, continues apace. Since we last saw them – giving out leaflets to nobody at all first thing in the morning – the “Real BNP” (like the Real IRA, only funnier and far less scary) have set up the “Merseyside … Continue reading

BNP factionalism in Liverpool: the paranoia and lies set in

As the BNP leadership contest between Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin hots up, factionalism amongst the fascists continues to be rife. Nowhere more so than in Liverpool. Two weeks ago, we reported on the local branch’s purge of Butler’s supporters from its ranks, and the violent debacle that ensued. Since then, the Griffinite loyalists have … Continue reading

Splitting The BNP Vote?

The BNP is facing a financially tough general election and now the NF & UKIP could split their vote. 2009 may have been a good year electorally for the BNP but on a financial and personnel level it was moving close to crisis. The MEP and council election success was counter-balanced by the continuing accounting … Continue reading