Germans ‘probe possible KKK link’ in cop killing

German authorities are said to be investigating a potential link between a former Ku Klux Klan-member police officer, and a neo-Nazi terror group in the killing of a German policewoman. Hers was the last in a string of ten killings. The murders of eight men of Turkish extraction, and one Greek man which the National … Continue reading

Police clamp down on counter demos in Bristol

The police have today used their powers under the Public Order Act to prevent a counter demonstration to the presence of the right-wing and anti-Islamic EDL from going ahead in Bristol City Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Organisers of the rally, which had significant trade union backing, have been issued with legal notices enforcing restrictions on the … Continue reading

Racially Motivated Arson In Liverpool

Racist graffiti was found inside the burnt-out interior of the property yesterday morning, police confirmed. The fire destroyed both upstairs bedrooms and caused severe heat and smoke damage to the front room. The blaze swept through the unoccupied terraced house on Laburnum Grove in Wavertree at around 11am, prompting a member of the public to … Continue reading