Fear and Loathing in La France: Marine Le Pen Injects Islamophobia Into the Release of Four French Hostages

Since its founding in 1972, France’s National Front, and the Le Pen dynasty that runs it, has always been vehemently xenophobic. Now, party head Marine Le Pen seems to think that French citizens who return to the country not looking adequately Anglo-Saxon have some “explaining to do” – even if they are returning from thirty-seven … Continue reading

Let Us End the Myth of Islamic-Only Terrorism

One of the biggest far-right terrorist campaigns to hit the UK came not from the English Defence League or British National Party, but the machinations of a Ukrainian student. However, his hatred of the ‘non-white’ and Muslims is a thread he shares with both groups. Pavlo Lapshyn’s brilliance in engineering had earned him work experience … Continue reading

Debunking the Myths

Of all the smears, myths, distortions, and untruths that the far-right wheel out from time to time, there are three that are a source of particular personal irritation. Firstly, is the case of Enoch Powell. I have seen countless stickers, posters, websites, Facebook pages, and profile pictures of Enoch with a Union Jack background, with … Continue reading

Far-right Italian politician sparks race row after posting controversial Mario Balotelli image

Mario Balotelli is at the centre of another fierce football row though this time it is none of the Italian striker’s making. Having hit one of the best goals of Euro 2012 in Italy’s 2-1 victory over Ireland on Monday night, taking his country to this weekend’s quarter-final against England, you would imagine that the … Continue reading

The Far-Right Have No Concept of ‘Working Class’

Individuals within the far-right in this country have a very odd understanding of what it means to be ‘working class’, and of the concept of ‘class’ in general. Over the last few months in various circumstances, I have heard the following categories of people being labelled by the far-right as not ‘working class’….. Students, office … Continue reading

Racist abuse, far-right flags, And Attacks on Stewards at Euro 2012

Racism and violence involving Russia’s fans have marred the start of the European Championship and confirmed fears that Euro 2012 could be a troubled tournament. Fans of co-host nations Poland and Ukraine had been seen as a potential source of racial abuse, following a damning investigation by the BBC. Instead, Russia became the main security … Continue reading

The English Defence League is not a human rights organisation

The English Defence League are still trying to push the “we’re a human rights organisation” line. They’re now even going so far as to threaten action through the Press Complaints Commission against any media outlet that refers to them as “far-right.” So great is their delusion. They make their point thus; Should any media now … Continue reading

Searchlight and “bolstering the mainstream middle”

The Searchlight Educational Trust (SET) has just released a report called Fear & Hope. It has gained a lot of headlines, and claims that “There is a new political spectrum and dynamic that explains attitudes to culture, identity and nation.” It is interesting reading. SET is, of course, closely connected to Searchlight Magazine and to … Continue reading

Neo Nazi Dog Fighter Jailed

   David Brinley Braddon   A convicted dog fighter from South Wales has been jailed for six months following a major investigation by covert RSPCA inspectors. David Brinley Braddon was given the maximum possible custodial sentence, along with a 15-year-ban on keeping animals, after it emerged he was identified in several illegal magazines that contained … Continue reading

Nazi fascination of teenager who used Internet to build ‘bombs’

A TEENAGER from the Tamworth area with an “unhealthy interest” in explosives and fascist politics has appeared in court alongside a man from Amington, to face charges relating to making potentially-lethal weapons. The court heard that police found a pipe packed with nails and screws and charged with gunpowder, in the bedroom of the 16-year-old.  He … Continue reading