Nick Griffin – The Truth Behind The Front (Cook Report Documentary)

Roger Cook and his team infiltrate the National Front and convinces Nick Griffin that the Cook Report team are from the french far right Front National. So convinced that they were from the Front National, that Nick Griffin confides in them amongst others his plans of amalgamating the National Front with the BNP (British National … Continue reading

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

Groups such as the BNP, NF, BFP, EDL,Infidels, and the CXF, constantly try and convince people that they are NOT fascists. It is not a suprise that when you read through the following ‘characteristics’ of fascism you will be able to think of many examples of behaviour or attempted behaviour (on a national, local, or … Continue reading

Belgian Fascists Attack Muslim Children And Force Them To Eat Pork

The Belgian press has reported that three Vlaams Belang politicians staged a protest at a school in Schoten, where many of the students are Muslims, because it had organised a barbecue that included halal meat. The protestors climbed over the wall into the school grounds and, according to deputy head Jacques Gits, “intimidated the children and pushed … Continue reading

Mussolini’s Granddaughter Hands Out Signed Pictures Of Him In Parliament

  Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Italy’s wartime dictator Benito Mussolini, was filmed signing photos of ‘Il Duce’ and giving them to another MP during a confidence vote in the lower house of parliament on Wednesday. (NOT THE PICTURE OF HIM  FEATURED ABOVE) During the vote on a government anti-corruption bill, a paparazzi snappped Mussolini signing … Continue reading

The Far-Right Have No Concept of ‘Working Class’

Individuals within the far-right in this country have a very odd understanding of what it means to be ‘working class’, and of the concept of ‘class’ in general. Over the last few months in various circumstances, I have heard the following categories of people being labelled by the far-right as not ‘working class’….. Students, office … Continue reading

Jewish group warns against rise of neo-Nazis in open letter

A group of prominent members of Europe’s Jewish community on Monday sent an open letter published in The Guardian warning of the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Europe, stressing the recent rise in popularity of Greece’s Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party in the May 6 elections, and condemned the fostering of conditions that nurture extremist … Continue reading

Gay Pride Event Cancelled due to Fascist Thugs

Ukrainian capital’s first ever gay pride was cancelled yesterday amid fears of attacks from far right thugs. Police advised pride organizers to abandon the march through the center of Kiev just 30 minutes before it was due to start, claiming 500 ultra-right football hooligans were en route to the rally point with the intention of … Continue reading

Fascist vote on the rise throughout Europe

At the last presidential elections in France and Greece neo-Nazi right-wing parties showed impressive parliamentary results. Europeans remember the events that occurred 80 years ago, when in the wake of the economic crisis Hitler came to power in Germany, and wonder how the neo-Nazism were able to return to the tolerant Europe. Within several years, … Continue reading

Another crackpot set of boneheads on Merseyside?

Just when you thought there were no more ‘crackpot’ far-right sects to pop up, another one does. The fascist scene in Liverpool already has the BNP, the National Front, The Infidels of Britain, the EDL/Scouse Nationalists, the North English Frydmen, and now ………. the ‘British Movement’!! The British Movement was originally formed in the 1960’s … Continue reading

Beyond the BNP?

At the start of this month, Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate / Searchlight wrote an essay titled Beyond the BNP, The future of HOPE not hate1. In it, he talks about how the group’s “targets and vision have expanded” in the wake of “some fantastic successes” against the far-right. It reads as a stark revision … Continue reading