The thugs, “super-activists,” and confrontational street tactics of Merseyside BNP

Since the previous post detailing today’s events at the Crown Court, Merseyside BNP have responded with their own account. It is a laughably illiterate and nonsensical “report” riddled with idiotic fabrications. Normally, such nonsense as appears there wouldn’t merit comment. However, it does provide an excuse to provide a more in-depth report and further images … Continue reading

More intimidation tactics by Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP

Today, activists from Liverpool Antifascists delivered leaflets in Halewood. The event was an overall success, but once again Merseyside BNP revealed that they rely more on intimidation tactics than on politics to get their point across. As we set off from the Summerfield on Hillfoot Avenue, there was a brief encounter with a BNP supporter. … Continue reading