Far-right embarrass themselves at the polls – and at the count

The far-right failed miserably at yesterday’s elections. This was a nationwide trend, with the BNP losing all of the seats it contested, but it was particularly heartening to see on Merseyside. Given all the commotion they’ve been causing recently, it remains the case that the people of Liverpool resoundingly reject the politics of hate. Not … Continue reading

The implosion of Liverpool BNP

The guilty verdict against Peter Tierney should be no surprise to those who have been following the case for a long time. The antifascist counter-accused by Tierney ended up with just a fine for breaching section 5 of the Public Order Act – essentially, swearing in public. Charges of assault and criminal damage were thrown … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP Campaign in Disarray

Last week’s revelation that Karen Otty, Liverpool BNP’s secretary, and candidate for Anfield in the coming council elections, attended English Defence League demonstrations in defiance of Nick Griffin’s orders, has got local fascists rattled. (See both our own coverage and Vote No To The BNP.) The information came from Otty’s own Facebook page (which vanished … Continue reading