Pitiful Infidels Humbled in Liverpool

I’ve seen few more pitiful sights than the North West Infidels and their ragtag band of allies outside Liverpool town hall last night. A mere twenty of the oxygen thieves made it to the “national demonstration”, and as they huddled around their ridiculous banner, jabbering incoherently about “paedos” and “terrorist supporters”, they demonstrated nothing except … Continue reading

Infidels suffer humiliating failure at Liverpool Town Hall

Saturday 3rd November saw the North West Infidels’ demonstrate outside Liverpool Town Hall. Their aim was to put pressure on Mayor Joe Anderson and stop him allowing “the IRA” from marching in the city. To say it didn’t quite go to plan would be an understatement. The NWI had put out a huge national callout … Continue reading

Neo-Nazis launch vicious attack on an art exhibition

Eight members of a far-right extremist organization attacked the opening of “Miss Painting” at the Kunsthaus Erfurt on Friday, the institution announced Sunday. In what sounds like a scene out of a Western, the accused individuals entered the exhibition, shouted a series of Neo-Nazi slogans while throwing beer bottles indiscriminately into the crowd, and brutally attacked members of the … Continue reading

Wirral’s Thornton Hall Hotel says it was duped into hosting conference for far right activists

A MERSEYSIDE hotel claimed it was ‘duped’ into hosting a conference for far right activists. <respond_button adunit=”4″ buttontype=”2″ title=”Wirral’s Thornton Hall Hotel says it was duped into hosting conference for far right activists” id=”1″>Around 50 members of the British National Party and allied European political parties are believed to have attended the event at four … Continue reading

Fascist conference in Wirral

A conference of a variety of European fascists is taking place today in Wirral at this hotel- http://www.facebook.com/thorntonhallhotel This is a picture taken earlier today. Most in the photo are well known BNP activists, also Bruno Gollnisch from the French Front National and Marc Abramsson from the Swedish far right National Democrats. Abramsson was sentenced in … Continue reading

Police investigating far-right website’s reward for information on anti-Nazi protesters

Police have begun an investigation on suspicion of incitement against a community after far-right website Kuruc offered a Ft 100,000 reward to those who demonstrated outside the home of suspected war criminal László Csatáry on July 16. Many have since been harassed by far-right activists. The protesters demanded action after British journalists found Csatáry in … Continue reading

“Peaceful Patriots” Fail to Stop Anti-Fascist March in Liverpool

Today saw a march in Liverpool for ‘working class unity against racism and fascism. The march was organised by the James Larkin Society of Liverpool. The march has been the subject of a great deal of controversy as various far-right groups have decided that it is an ‘IRA’ march, and subsequently spread misinformation and smears … Continue reading

Police clamp down on counter demos in Bristol

The police have today used their powers under the Public Order Act to prevent a counter demonstration to the presence of the right-wing and anti-Islamic EDL from going ahead in Bristol City Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Organisers of the rally, which had significant trade union backing, have been issued with legal notices enforcing restrictions on the … Continue reading

Golden Dawn want a ‘Greeks Only’ Blood Bank Service

A drive by the far-right Golden Dawn party to get Greeks to donate blood only for their fellow citizens has outraged doctors and medical authorities, who have slammed the initiative as racist and inhuman. Golden Dawn, which enjoyed unprecedented success in last month’s election after promising to rid Greece of all immigrants, put up posters in Athens … Continue reading

New Wave of Violence from the Golden Dawn

A week after an extremist right-wing party gained an electoral foothold in Greece’s Parliament, 50 of its members riding motorbikes and armed with heavy wooden poles roared through Nikaia, a gritty suburb west of here, to telegraph their new power. As townspeople watched, the men careened around the main square, some brandishing shields emblazoned with … Continue reading