Ratcatcher: Video Diary of an National Front Defector (Documentary 1994)

The video diary of Paul Taylor, a council ratcatcher. Formerly an active member of the National Front, he is now an activist with the Anti-Nazi League. He devotes his time outside work to his twin children and to confronting fascism. His diary includes the story of his part in the campaign to stop the British … Continue reading

Nick Griffin – The Truth Behind The Front (Cook Report Documentary)

Roger Cook and his team infiltrate the National Front and convinces Nick Griffin that the Cook Report team are from the french far right Front National. So convinced that they were from the Front National, that Nick Griffin confides in them amongst others his plans of amalgamating the National Front with the BNP (British National … Continue reading

Anti Fascist Action (Documentary)

A BBC documentary from 1993 charting the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK. A 1993 documentary made by Anti-Fascist Action for the BBC2 Open Space documentary series. Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts gives a rundown of the history of militant anti-fascism in the UK from the 1936 Battle of Cable Street against the Blackshirts, … Continue reading

History of the National Front (Documentary)

A BBC2 programme looking into the history of the extreme right, National Front, once Britain’s most popular extreme right wing party. Contributors to the programme include John Tyndall, Nick Griffin, Martin Webster and other extreme right wing figures.

World in Action – The Nazi Party (3rd July 1978)

As discussed in the blog post  – DID NICK GRIFFIN AND ANDREW BRONS WANT TO GAS RACIAL MINORITIES IN THE ’70S? Here is the episode of World in Action in its enirety.