Halewood South By-election

A new councillor has been elected in the Halewood South ward of Knowsley. Labour candidate Allan Harvey received most votes in the by election held on Thursday 26 November. The votes cast are as follows: Candidate Party Votes Carl Robert Cross Conservative 32 Allan Harvey Labour 607 Eric Arthur McIntosh TUSP 52 Tommy Morretta Liberal … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP show themselves up as liars and hypocrites

Recently, this site recounted how Peter and Andrew Tierney of Merseyside BNP attempted to intimidate a group of antifascists who had just been delivering leaflets in Halewood. As in all other situations, the BNP have been quick to twist the story and claim victimhood. However, this time their spin only serves to expose them as … Continue reading

Antifascist leafleting in Halewood

On Saturday, members of Liverpool Antifascists delivered leaflets in Halewood. Our aim, during the present by-election campaign, was to warn people of the deceit inherent in the BNP’s “working class” rhetoric. (Click on the image of the leaflet below to open the PDF version or right-click and choose “save as” to download it.) Despite extremely … Continue reading