BNP accused of exploiting refugee crisis ahead of today’s Croydon protest

Video: Clifford Le May Anti-fascists will meet head-on with British National Party (BNP) activists outside a Croydon immigration centre today. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) accused the BNP of exploiting a “toxic political climate” by planning a rally outside Lunar House, the Home Office’s main immigration centre. The protesters said the far-right party was “trying to … Continue reading

Pictured during his National Front days: The man behind Ukip’s Nigel Farage ran group of far-right racists

Martyn Heale is current chairman of Nigel Farage’s party in Thanet South He was head of a London branch of the racist National Front (NF) in 1978 Mr Heale claims it was just ‘a bit of a social club’ when he ran local group He’s masterminding Mr Farage’s attempt to win the seat in the … Continue reading

Ukip caught printing election leaflets… in GERMANY because they are cheaper than British alternatives

Nigel Farage dragged into fresh hypocrisy row over EU flyers gaffe Comes after Latvians were used to hand out anti-immigration leaflets Ukip leader was also criticised for employing German wife as secretary Lib Dems say they are happy to see party using European single market Ukip was dragged into a fresh hypocrisy row today after … Continue reading

Italian Far-Right Lega Nord Activists Almost Drown Attempting Stunt To Prove How ‘Easy’ Illegal Immigration Is

Italian right-wing activists have reportedly had to be rescued by coastguard in a stunt attempting to show how easy it is to cross between Italy and Tunisia, that went embarrassingly awry. Last week, seven hapless members of the anti-immigration party Lega Nord attempted to make a point about the volume of asylum seekers coming from … Continue reading

Does Immigration From EU Countries Cause Unemployment In The UK?

BLACKPOOL, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 6:  Theresa May, the Conservative Party Chairman (L) and party leader Iain Duncan Smith laugh at the annual Conservative Party conference October 6, 2003 in Blackpool, England. Duncan Smith has expressed condfidence over the Conservative party’s prospects, with polls having the Tories closer to the Labour party than they have been … Continue reading

Nick Griffin stars in first cookery role as BNP TV chef offering ‘traditional British fare’. In bizarre twist for recently-bankrupt politician, Mr Griffin provides what he calls his ‘Recipe for beating the Tory blues’

(Liveraf  Commment) It’s a vegetable Nick. Just like your average BNP member. The BNP leader Nick Griffin appears to have made a first attempt at launching himself into a career as a TV chef, with what threatens to be the first of many cookery programmes on BNP TV. Dressed in a Help for Heroes rugby … Continue reading

The Dean Everitt Files: Dean & The BNP

Dean Everitt If you turned on the news yesterday, you couldn’t help but notice the huge amount of coverage given to the governments plans to toughen welfare rules for EU migrants, in particular those planning to come to the UK from Romania & Bulgaria following the new year. The BBC attempted to add some background … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in La France: Marine Le Pen Injects Islamophobia Into the Release of Four French Hostages

Since its founding in 1972, France’s National Front, and the Le Pen dynasty that runs it, has always been vehemently xenophobic. Now, party head Marine Le Pen seems to think that French citizens who return to the country not looking adequately Anglo-Saxon have some “explaining to do” – even if they are returning from thirty-seven … Continue reading

Surrey Police Forced To Apologise After Posting ‘Racist’ Tweet

Surrey Police have been forced to apologise after furious social media users flew into a frenzy over a “racist” tweet. Police were left red-faced after they posted a Tweet with the words “Officers 1 Immigrants 0” which was branded “disgraceful and ignorant.” The message, from the official GuildfordBeat account was hashtagged #WeWillCatchUpWithYou. The tweet was … Continue reading

Vince Cable: Immigration Crackdown And #RacistVan Is ‘Stupid And Offensive’

Vince Cable has attacked his Tory colleagues for launching a “stupid and offensive” crackdown on illegal immigrants, via the so-called ‘racist van’ and accused them of being obsessed with migration figures. Lib Dems had not been consulted, the Business Secretary said, adding that Immigration Minister Mark Harper’s decision to send vans bearing the message “go … Continue reading