Golden Dawn want a ‘Greeks Only’ Blood Bank Service

A drive by the far-right Golden Dawn party to get Greeks to donate blood only for their fellow citizens has outraged doctors and medical authorities, who have slammed the initiative as racist and inhuman. Golden Dawn, which enjoyed unprecedented success in last month’s election after promising to rid Greece of all immigrants, put up posters in Athens … Continue reading

London Far Right Mayoral Candidate Thinks Immigrants Will Ruin UK — And He’s From Uruguay

The fact that the Far Right British Nationalist Party (the BNP) is fielding a candidate from Uruguay in next year’s London mayoral elections has widely been regarded as farce, though of course the BNP don’t spin it like that. Instead, the BNP argue that the fact they have nominated Carlos Cortiglia, who emigrated from Uruguay … Continue reading

BNP plans Irish wing to oppose immigration

RIGHT wing British Nationalist Party is agitating for the establishment of an ‘Irish National Party’ and believes there are already like-minded groups in existence here. The leader of the anti-immigration lobby Nick Griffin has pencilled in a visit to Trinity College later this month. The BNP, which grew in popularity in the UK at the … Continue reading

BNP leader Nick Griffin to speak at Phil debate on immigration

  The leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, has been invited to speak at Trinity College. The invitation was extended by college debating society, The Philosophical Society, to a debate entitled “This House Believes Immigration Has Gone Too Far” on October 20. The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right, nationalist political party … Continue reading

More on autonomous nationalism and class politics

Two months ago, I wrote a post titled “Autonomous nationalism and why antifascism needs a working class perspective,” about Autonomous Nationalists UK (AnUk). Now, the Liverpool Front of AnUk has responded with “Autonomous nationalism and why the working class needs an ethnic perspective.” The basic overview is that I take “the usual condescending tone” and … Continue reading

Poor Education And Broken Communities Cause of BNP Support – Not Immigrants

Immigration is not fuel for BNP support – IPPR study Social exclusion factors such as lack of qualifications and weak social cohesion far more important Higher immigration to an area is not to blame for driving the voters into the arms of the BNP, according to a study exploring the roots of its support published … Continue reading