Six top Ukip candidates have links to racist groups: Party launches probe after BNP cartoon stereotyping minorities is posted online

Ukip’s top election candidates caught posting racist and offensive material The party last night launched as investigation into the offensive media Much of the material came from BNP or other nationalist splinter groups Ukip’s official General Election candidates have been caught posting racist and offensive material on the internet, revealing disturbing links between Nigel Farage’s … Continue reading


It has been advertised on facebook and the casuals united blog page that the buffoons of the EDL/ MFE and casuals united are due to assemble in Brighton this weekend for the queen`s jubilee, clearly these idiots cannot define patriotism between crude abusive racism, The last time any fascist group invaded Brighton they were smashed … Continue reading

Infidels of Britain: A Manifesto

If you thought that the Infidels of Britain are just a bunch of ignorant, knuckle dragging, boneheads, you would be correct. However,  in a move designed to add some substance and respectability to their ‘street’ antics, the Infidels have put down their copies of Mein Kampf, their bags of Charlie, and written a ‘Manifesto’. Here … Continue reading

Three BNP supporters arrested following Heywood and Rochdale protests over child sex ring case

Far right-groups organised protests in Greater Manchester over the grooming case and police accused the BNP activists of using diversionary tactics. Ten BNP supports held a peaceful demonstration in Heywood town centre around 5pm yesterday but around 40 people from Infidels of Britain and the National Front attempt to disrupt a council function at Rochdale … Continue reading

Liverpool Antifascists picket Quiggins Attique

Today was the Infidels of Britain’s nationwide day of “direct action.” In Liverpool, we were promised that the Scouse Infidels would be “busy bodies,” and they even had a special National Front “Vote Quiggins” banner for the occasion. In reality, Liverpool Antifascists got the drop on the far-right, who were nowhere to be seen in … Continue reading