Four race-crime convictions for neo-Nazi website

Four men were convicted of inciting race hatred Monday from the Italian website of the neo-Nazi group Stormfront. The four, aged 23 to 42 and from various towns across Italy, were sentenced to terms ranging from 30 months to three years for “promoting and directing a group whose purpose was the instigation to ethnic, religious … Continue reading

Far-right Italian politician sparks race row after posting controversial Mario Balotelli image

Mario Balotelli is at the centre of another fierce football row though this time it is none of the Italian striker’s making. Having hit one of the best goals of Euro 2012 in Italy’s 2-1 victory over Ireland on Monday night, taking his country to this weekend’s quarter-final against England, you would imagine that the … Continue reading

Mussolini’s Granddaughter Hands Out Signed Pictures Of Him In Parliament

  Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Italy’s wartime dictator Benito Mussolini, was filmed signing photos of ‘Il Duce’ and giving them to another MP during a confidence vote in the lower house of parliament on Wednesday. (NOT THE PICTURE OF HIM  FEATURED ABOVE) During the vote on a government anti-corruption bill, a paparazzi snappped Mussolini signing … Continue reading

Italy’s openly racist “White Christmas” campaign

Hat tip to No Borders Brighton According to Speigel Online, “officials in the northern Italian town of Coccaglio are visiting the homes of foreign residents and expelling those with expired residency permits.” There has been a “national uproar” over the incidence, particularly given that the action will last until December 25th and has been dubbed … Continue reading