Far-right groups hurl racist abuse at parade to commemorate life and role of James Larkin

Some 25 were arrested on Saturday in Liverpool as protesters taunted marchers celebrating at the birthplace of the Irish trade union leader JAMES LARKIN, who later founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, was born into grinding poverty in Combermere Street in Toxteth, one of Liverpool’s poorest quarters, in the 1870s. Today, nearly 150 years … Continue reading

Toxteth community expresses anger at EDL/BNP March through their community

Toxteth community expresses anger at EDL/BNP March through their community   Members of the South Central Active Forum held emergency meetings with high ranking members of Merseyside Police on Monday 23rd July to discuss their anger at the EDL/BNP Marching through Toxteth on Saturday 21st July.The Group, which is the successor to Toxteth Against the … Continue reading

BNP leader congratulates demonstators who harassed Liverpool Larkin march

BRITISH NATIONAL Party leader Nick Griffin has congratulated far-right supporters who protested on Sunday against the holding of a march in Liverpool commemorating trades union leader James Larkin. “Many congrats to patriots who stopped pro-IRA march in Liverpool yesterday,” the BNP leader declared on Twitter, before a video was later added showing demonstrators staging sit-down … Continue reading

Massive Merseyside police operation keeps rivals apart at James Larkin march

Pictured is a member of the James Larkin Society holding up a photo of James Larkin   A MASSIVE police operation prevented clashes between far right protesters and anti-fascist demonstrators in Liverpool today. Members of the James Larkin Society gathered in the city, flanked by an enormous police presence to ensure that any trouble was … Continue reading

“Peaceful Patriots” Fail to Stop Anti-Fascist March in Liverpool

Today saw a march in Liverpool for ‘working class unity against racism and fascism. The march was organised by the James Larkin Society of Liverpool. The march has been the subject of a great deal of controversy as various far-right groups have decided that it is an ‘IRA’ march, and subsequently spread misinformation and smears … Continue reading

’Working-Class Unity against Racism and Fascism’ Rally & March in Liverpool 21st July

James Larkin Trade Union March + Rally  Saturday 21st July 2012 Liverpool ‘’Working-Class Unity against Racism and Fascism’’ Organised by James Larkin Society Liverpool Assemble 1pm at Larkin’s birthplace,Combermere Street, offPark Road,Liverpool 8, and March to City Centre for Rally Chair: Alec McFadden, President of Merseyside TUC, UNITE Activist Main Speaker: Billy Hayes, General Secretary, … Continue reading