Britain First Pull Out Of BBC Documentary On Racism As Broadcaster Will ‘Distort’ Footage To Make Them Look Bad

Britain First has reportedly pulled out of a BBC documentary about racism fearing the broadcaster will “distort and misrepresent the footage and the interviews so as to make us look bad”. According to Britain First’s website the BBC spent several months following leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen before the pair learned the footage was … Continue reading


Britain First founder, Jim Dowson, has sensationally blown the lid on those that are behind the “Draw Mohammed Cartoon” competition and claimed that those behind it are organising it to ignite a race war on our streets. Dowson went to a series of meetings with former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, former UKIP candidate Ann Marie Waters … Continue reading

Judge condemns Britain First leaders

Birtain First demo in Luton  A High Court judge has condemned the actions of the leaders of Britain First despite allowing them to march in Luton. The decision of Mr Justice Knowles, who rejected a bid by Beds Police to stop the group’s leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen entering Luton on June 27 has … Continue reading

Britain First’s Blackburn Christian Patrol Showed Just How Pointless They Really Are

Britain First’s so called ‘Christian Patrols’ have hit Blackburn. Well, two men from the far-right, pseudo-militia group posted some leaflets through some letter boxes on deserted streets under the cover of darkness. Three if you include the cameraman. Solid turnout lads.  The self-declared vigilante organisation filmed their numerically limited troupe in what they called “Muslim-occupied” … Continue reading

Britain First ‘Christian Patrols’ return to east London in wake of Charlie Hebdo shootings

Politicians and activists have condemned the ‘provocative’ actions of the far-right group and warned of the potential for a violent backlash The far-right nationalist group Britain First has restarted its campaign of what it calls “Christian Patrols” in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, drawing widespread condemnation for what experts have described as a … Continue reading

Anti-fascists confront Britain First in Rochester

Hundreds of people stood shoulder to shoulder and lined Rochester’s streets to prevent a far-right political group storming through the town to the war memorial. On Saturday around 35 members of Britain First descended on Medway to exercise their right to free speech. But at Rochester station to meet them was a group of local … Continue reading

It may surprise you how similar Britain First is to UKIP

Britain First are a far-right political group who pull stunts like invading mosques. They also enthusiastically back Ukip. What do Ukip and Britain First have in common? Britain First have admitted on their Facebook page that they don’t want votes – and their supporters should vote UKIP Britain First is “a patriotic political party and … Continue reading