Russia Reaches Out to Europe’s Far-Right Parties

France’s National Front party leader Marine Le Pen envisions a Europe stretching ‘from the Atlantic to the Urals.’ A Russian loan to France’s National Front. Invitations to Moscow for leaders of Austria’s Freedom Party. Praise for Vladimir Putin from the head of Britain’s anti-European Union party. As the diplomatic chill over Ukraine deepens, the Kremlin … Continue reading

French Jews Urged To Block National Front. Call for Unity as Right Wing Leads in Local Elections

Following far-right gains in France’s ongoing local elections, the country’s union of Jewish students called for voters and candidates to block further nationalist successes. The call to action by the Union of Jewish French Students, or UEJF, came on Sunday, when a strong showing by Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in the first round … Continue reading

This Week in ‘Nation’ History: The European Right—From (Jean-Marie) Le Pen to (Marine) Le Pen—and the Rise of the French Far Right

  Next week’s issue of The Nation will feature a report by Stanford Professor Cécile Alduy about the alarming rise of Marine Le Pen and the French far right. In recent years, Le Pen has skillfully, if disingenuously, attempted to scrub her National Front party of the most odious manifestations of the anti-Semitism, racism and outright … Continue reading

French deputy condemned for for saying ‘Hitler didn’t kill enough’ Travellers

Mayor faces expulsion from centre-right UDI party Gilles Bourdouleix: made remark after some 150 caravans camped illegally on land belonging to the town of Cholet, where he is mayor. Photograph: Frank Perry The French political class has unanimously condemned Gilles Bourdouleix, a deputy in the national assembly and mayor of a town in western France, … Continue reading

Roma group to sue Le Pen for ‘smelly’ remarks

Jean-Marie Le Pen, former far-right National Front leader, has been accused of “incitement to racial hatred” after he called the Roma community “smelly” and “rash-inducing.” Photo: A. Jocard/AFP Three rights groups have launched legal proceedings against Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of France’s far-right National Front party, after he labelled members of the Roma community “smelly” … Continue reading

France: Front National Dynasty’s Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Pictured with Neo-Nazis

Jean-Marie Le Pen granddaughter says media storm is diversion tactic for Hollande scandal. French weekly Le Point published a photo depicting MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen posing with far-right extremists (Twitter) A picture depicting French MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of Front National (FN) party leader Marine Le Pen, posing with alleged neo-Nazis has triggered … Continue reading