Arrests at White Pride rally in Manchester city centre’s Piccadilly Gardens

Dubbed a ‘celebration’ by White Pride organisers, more than 100 people met at the Piccadilly Tavern pub before marching with National Front flags    Neo-Nazi rally in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday  Police made a number of arrests as up to 100 Neo-Nazi campaigners took to Piccadilly Gardens to celebrate ‘being white’. The protesters marched from … Continue reading

My Former Life As a Kahanist Posterboy

“You are my hero,” said Baruch Marzel, the militant leader of the Jewish National Front, as he embraced me at a banquet in 2006. Just 13 years old, I was being congratulated by the most notorious activist on the Israeli far-right—a man who once called for the assassination of a prominent Israeli peace activist, declared holy war … Continue reading